Thursday, February 28, 2008

The AAAI Intelligent Systems Demonstrations program

Call for Proposals
Intelligent Systems Demonstrations
Held in Conjunction with the Twenty-Third AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence
July 13-17, 2008 * Chicago

Sponsored by the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence

The AAAI Intelligent Systems Demonstrations program showcases state-of-the-art AI implementations and provides AI researchers with an opportunity to show their research in action. Implemented intelligent systems allow us not only to experimentally validate AI research, but also to make AI research accessible to each other, to the broader scientific community, and to the public at large.

Researchers from all areas of AI are encouraged to submit proposals to demonstrate their systems. Submissions will be evaluated on the basis of their innovation, relevance, scientific contribution, presentation, and usability, as well as potential logistical constraints. This program is primarily to encourage the early exhibition of research prototypes, but interesting mature systems and commercial products are also eligible (commercial sales and marketing activities are not appropriate in the Intelligent Systems Demonstration program, and should be arranged as part of the AAAI-08 Exhibits program). Demonstrations that can be used by the audience and/or that interact with the audience are particularly encouraged.

It is likely that this program will be part of a conference-wide poster and demonstration session one evening during the conference. Demonstration systems should be available during the entire session. Each accepted demonstration system must be attended by at least one knowledgeable representative (preferably an architect of the system) who will be available to answer in-depth technical questions at scheduled times.

Demonstration proposals must be made electronically using the form at In addition to contact information, proposals must include the following items. All should be submitted via the online form, unless a video is being submitted. Please send videos directly to the cochairs.

1. A two-page description in AAAI paper format of the technical content of the demo, including credits and references. These descriptions will appear in the conference proceedings.

2. A 150-word summary of the demonstration in plain text. Please include title, demonstrator names, and affiliation(s). This summary will be used to compile a program for the demonstrations. Please keep the descriptions under the 150-word limit.

3. A demo storyboard of not more than six pages total or an informal video of the demo (in MPEG or Quicktime format) that describes how the demonstration will proceed (as opposed to the technical merits of the research being demonstrated). This is the committee's primary method of evaluating your proposal. Please emphasize the elements that make your demonstration exciting and interesting.

4. A detailed description of hardware and software requirements. Demonstrators are encouraged to be flexible in their requirements (possibly with different demos for different logistical situations). Please state what you can bring yourself and what you absolutely must have provided. Generally speaking, we can provide computer monitors and peripherals such as TVs and VCRs, as well as a network connection. Each demonstration will be assigned a table-top in the exhibition area.

Demo proposals must be received in their entirety, including any supporting materials, by Tuesday, March 18, 2008. Authors will be notified of acceptance by April 2, 2008.

We especially hope that authors of papers accepted for presentation at the conference technical program will be able to demonstrate their research in the AAAI Intelligent Systems Demonstration Program. To present a system demonstration, however, the authors must still submit a proposal conforming to the above requirements by the Demonstration program deadline. Submitters who wish to demonstrate intelligent mechanical systems that interact with the real world (aka "robots") should direct their efforts toward the Robot Exhibition.

If you have any questions or comments about the AAAI Intelligent Systems Demonstration program, we encourage you to address them to the program cochairs, Holger Hoos (University of British Columbia, and Michael Bowling (University of Alberta,

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Physics Journal of the Indonesian Physical Society

Physics Journal of the Indonesian Physical Society is one of the journals published by the Indonesian Physical Society - IPS since 1992. This journal has been accreditated with the registration number ISSN 1410-8860. The Editorial Board invites you to participate in submitting your scientific papers. All processes (editotorial, publishing, distribution) are done through the net using the facility provided in this site.


The manuscript is a scientific paper in the field of physics.
The paper has not been considered for publication in any other journals.
The paper is written in English.
The paper is written in LATEX format or MS-Word. There is no particular style for the MS-Word format, since the accepted version will be converted into LATEX. For LATEX users, it is recommended to use the template which can be downloaded at e-DATA.
The submission is done electronically through the link above.
All communication thereafter is done ONLY by this web.
The present status of the paper under processes can be seen online using the access number (10 digits) provided for each article and informed to the author through email. Enter the access number in the smalll window above.
The paper will be published after a refereing process by independent referee(s). The referee is choosed by the Editor from the appopriate persons who is not belonging to the same instituion with the author(s).
The submission is FREE of charge except for :
A non-IPS member : Rp. 5.000 or US$ 1 / page (final page after conversion).
A non-LATEX format : Rp. 10.000 or US$ 2 / page (final page after conversion).
As the paper has been accepted and the payment (for non-member and/or non-LATEX) has been confirmed, the access is opened for public. Generally the whole process would NOT TAKE MORE than 2 months.
Printed version can be accessed / downloaded by public for free. However, one can request for a hard-copy through the link of request form for hard-copy below the abstract of each paper with the cost written in the page.

The journal is divided into 3 sub-fields with different volume numbers :
Applied Physics : all fields in the application of physics.
Educational Physics : all fields in the physics education.
Theoretical Physics : all fields in the development of the physics itself.
The articles are divided into several categories :
Letter : a short article contains an original work, not more than 4 pages and 4 figures.
Regular : an article contains an original work and more than 4 pages.
Comment : an article responding to another one which has been published before.
Review : an article which is a compilation of special theme.
Proceeding : an article which has been presented in a scientific meeting.
Related to the online system adopted here, a numbering system using 4+2 digits has been introduced, that is 0XYY-ZZ, where X indicates the category numbers above, YY indicates the order of the article in the volume it has been published and ZZZ indicates the page order in the paper.
This is an example how to write a reference from a paper published in the Physics Journal of the IPS. For a paper in the sub-field of Applied Physics volume 21 and number 020601-12 in 2002 : Phys. J. IPS A21 (2002) 0206.
Each volume consists of 100 pages.

Mitra Djamal (ITB)

Muhamad Barmawi (ITB)
Tjia May On (ITB)
Pramudita Anggraita (BATAN)
Muslim (UGM) CONTACT :
Pusat Penelitian Fisika LIPI
Kompleks PUSPIPTEK Serpong
Tangerang 15310
Tel : +62 (021) 7560570
Fax : +62 (021) 7560554




Deadline for full paper submission: June 6th, 2008
Notification of acceptance: July 4th, 2008
Camera-ready full paper: July 18th, 2008
Main Seminar: August 5th, 2008



The 4th International Conference on Information & Communication Technology
and Systems (ICTS) 2008 is an international forum organized by Informatics
Department, Faculty of Information Technology, SepuluhNopember Institute
of Technology (ITS) Surabaya – Indonesia, in cooperation with Faculty of
Engineering - Kumamoto University (Japan), JICA PREDICT - ITS and IEEE
Indonesia Section

This event is a forum for computer science and information and
communication technology communities to discuss and exchange information
and knowledge in their areas of interest. It aims to promote activities in
research, development, and application on computer science and information
and communication technology.

The scope of ICTS 2008 encompasses but is not limited to:
- Formal Language and Automata
- Neural Network
- Numerical Methods and Its Analysis
- Image and Signal Processing
- Fuzzy Logics
- Software Engineering
- Multimedia and Mediamatics
- Wireless and Mobile Communication
- Data Mining
- Artificial Intelligence
- Genetic Algorithms
- Information System
- Formal Methods
- Knowledge Based System
- Smart System
- Computer Network
- Remote Sensing and GIS
- Mobile Computing
- Other areas relate to ICT

- Prof. L.J.M Rothkrantz (TU Delft, the Netherlands)
- Prof. Ryuei Nishii (Kyushu University, Japan)
- Prof. Virendra C. Bhavsar (University of New Brunswick, Canada)

Prospective authors are invited to submit a full paper for review using
the electronic procedure (http://icts. id/paperinst. html). The
paper should be written in English. It should not exceed 8 pages of A4
paper with 1” left-right margin, and use Times New Roman 10 point. The
manuscript title header should include the names, institutions and (email)
addresses of the authors, an abstract of up to 200 words, and keywords.
The authors will receive formal invitation e-mail from the ICTS 2008
Organizing Committee. The final paper has to be prepared in LaTeX or Ms.
Word according to the style provided by the organizer. Further
information, e.g. full paper template, presentation procedure,
accommodation, etc., is available at http://icts. id

International Indonesian
Accepted Paper US$ 200 Rp. 750.000,-
Additional paper US$ 100 Rp. 375.000,-
Participant - non student US$ 75 Rp. 200.000,
Participant - student US$ 50 Rp. 100.000,-

The prices include seminar kit, proceeding, lunch and snack.

- Bank Transfer
Please transfer the registration fee to:
Account Number: 49842191
Account Name: T Informatika ITS
Bank: BNI
Branch: Cabang Urip Sumoharjo, Surabaya, Indonesia

- ATM Transfer (for domestic applicants)
(ATM) Mandiri Account Number: 1400002031863
Account Name: Yudhi Purwananto
(ATM) BCA Account Number: 3891023926
Account Name: Yudhi Purwananto
(ATM) Niaga Account Number: 0330185602122
Account Name: Yudhi Purwananto

Please send the receipt to:
- Email: icts2008@if. or
- Facsimile: +62-31-5913804

We also arrange the after conference tour to Bromo, the most beautiful
mountain in Indonesia (2 days, 1 night) on August 6th - 7th, 2008. Fee for
all participants and authors is Rp 900.000 / US$ 100.

Prof. L.J.M Rothkrantz (TU Delft, the Netherlands)
Prof. Ryuei Nishii (Kyushu University, Japan)
Prof. Virendra C. Bhavsar (University of New Brunswick, Canada)
Prof. Tomonori Aoyama (Keio University, Japan)
Prof. Benyamin Kusumoputro (UI, Indonesia)
Prof. Abdul Hanan Abdullah (UTM, Malaysia)
Prof. Akira Asano (Hiroshima University, Japan)
Prof. Supeno Djanali, (ITS, Indonesia)
Prof. Riyanarto Sarno (ITS, Indonesia)
Prof. Handayani Tjandrasa (ITS, Indonesia)
Prof. Mauridhi Hery Purnomo (ITS, Indonesia)
Prof. Arif Djunaidy (ITS, Indonesia)
Dr. Oerip S. Santoso (ITB, Indonesia)
Dr. Joko Lianto Buliali (ITS, Indonesia)
Dr. Retantyo Wardoyo (UGM, Indonesia)
Dr. Riri Fitri Sari Sambowo (UI, Indonesia)
Dr. Kridanto Surendro (ITB, Indonesia)
Dr. Zainal A Hasibuan (UI, Indonesia)
Dr. Agus Zainal (ITS, Surabaya)
Archi Delphinanto, P.D.Eng. (TU Eindhoven, the Netherlands)
Siska Fitriana, MSc. P.D.Eng. (TU Delft, the Netherlands)
R.V. Hari Ginardi M.Sc. (TU Vienna, Austria)
Marco J Patrick, M.Sc. (Portugal)
Esther Hanaya, M.Sc. (ITS, Indonesia)
F.X. Arunanto, M.Sc.(ITS, Indonesia)
M. Husni, M.Kom (ITS, Indonesia)
Yudhi Purwananto, M.Kom (ITS, Indonesia)
Daniel Siahaan, M.Sc., P.D.Eng. (ITS, Indonesia)
Siti Rochimah, M.T (UTM, Malaysia)
Nanik Suciati, M.Kom (Hiroshima University, Japan)
MM Irfan Subakti, M.Sc.Eng. (NCTU, Taiwan)
Waskitho Wibisono, M.Eng (Monash University, Australia)

Tohari Ahmad, MIT

Henning TC, S.Kom

Fajar Baskoro, MT
Wahyu Suadi, M.M, M.Kom
Ir. Suhadi Lili
Dwi Sunaryono, S.Kom
Royyana Muslim, M.Kom
Darlis Herumurti, S.Kom
Nunut Jatmiko, S.Kom
Ahmad Saikhu, MT
Victor Hariadi, M.Kom
Bilqis Amaliah, M.Kom
Chastine Fatichah, M.Kom
Anny Yuniarti, M.Sc
Mediana Aryuni, M.Kom
Sarwosri, M.Kom
Umi L. Yuhana, S.Kom

Secretariat of ICTS 2008
Informatics Department
Faculty of Information Technology
Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS)
Gedung Teknik Informatika Lt. 2
Jalan Raya ITS, Sukolilo, Surabaya, Indonesia
Phone: +62-81-553215858, +62-31-5939214
Fax: +62-31-5913804
Contact person: Henning, Tohari